Hand Painted Glass – ART-S

Gifts, Vases, Serving Platters, Bowls, Ashtrays, Candlesticks, Watches, Mirrors, Lamps, Souvenirs

Welcome to a world full of highly-skilled aesthetics and refinement!

ART-S is a registered trademark for painted glass and ceramic articles that was born as a result of years-long experience in search of a unique artistic style, synchronized both with traditions of ancient cultures and contemporary, modern trends. Consistent with the best technology for handmade decoration, the articles created in the ART-S studio combine functionality and aesthetics.

The ART-S articles make a perfect business present, a nice gift for a loved one, for your home or office, hotel or restaurant, a great wedding gift or a beautiful reminiscence for any important occasion in your life.

The idea of the entire business around the ART-S brand is to give joy not only for the eyes, but also for the invisible senses, which are ordinary and human, but in the meantime sublime and essential. Each article is entirely hand-painted – we offer wide variety of vessels made of glass or ceramics, as well as souvenirs, mirrors, clocks, special gifts for any occasion.

We offer:

More then 100 models of hand painted glass.

Painted glass, Christmas gifts made of glass or ceramics, romantic painted memories for Valentine’s Day, Easter holiday dish ware and decorations, ritual glasses, drinking sets for weddings and all kinds of occasions – various products of your choice.

We will multiply your happiness in such special days!



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